Return Delivery

Warranty Conditions

Thiel & Partner GmbH does grant – in addition to all legal obligations – a limited warranty for loudspeaker driver units according to the following provisions:
§1. For a period of 3 years from the date of purchase from Thiel & Partner GmbH we will exchange or repair at our choice all defective units that carry any fault of material or craftsmanship. This includes all parts of the unit and its finish and workmanship excluding carriage and freight costs.
§2. We will credit defective units that are not covered by warranty or which are older than 3 years and that have been sent back to the address below free of charge with an additional discount of 20% to the agreed price. This credit will be balanced to the replacement or next purchase. This is a courtesy to our customers as we do not offer any repair kits.
§3. Defective diamond units with intact diamond membrane will be repaired, depending on the expenditure, by individual quotation.
§4. Unless we have a different agreement with our customer, warranty claims have to be sent free of charge to:


P: +49 (0)2238-9342-40
F: +49 (0)2238-9324-17


Please note that the RMA number is strictly required for the returning units.
Please contact us for your RMA number:
You can download the return delivery note document below:

Return Delivery

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