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Thiel & Partner GMBH

Thiel & Partner have been producing and distributing high quality drivers made of stiff membrane materials such as Al²O³, ceramics, CVD-diamond and alu-minium sandwich, under the accuton® brand since 1994.
We aim to provide of the best dynamic speaker drivers on the market.

We also provide our customers with extensive support and collaboration in areas like case construction, design of the crossover and implementation of electronic components.





Our customers manufacture premium quality speakers for the high-end market.
To support them as best we can, we not only provide the best drivers, we also co-operate closely in terms of the technical features and visual and haptic designs of their products.

To meet our objectives concerning customer orientation, we have selected the best suppliers on the market. We work together in a long-term and partnership-oriented manner in order to deliver technically and economically outstanding solutions for the benefit of our customers.

All of our employees are committed to our high quality objectives and work constructively to realize these. We communicate our corporate policy  clearly to our employees and make the importance of customer and supplier orientation visible by putting our values into practice.


New Packaging

Our Commitment to the Planet

At Accuton, we are working actively to contribute to the global transition towards a healthier planet.

Two mainstays of our environmental commitment are  efficient energy and waste management in our production and office facilities and the streamlining of our supply chains.

In 2023, the development of a whole new packaging range for our products has been a further important step towards fulfilling our ambitions in sustainability whilst retaining the highest quality of protection for our products in transport.


The History of Thiel & Partner GmbH

In 1984, Bernhard Thiel, a production engineer at Backes & Müller, invented a process for producing very thin sheets of extremely hard corundum (Al2O3), also known as sapphire. This patented process made it possible to produce very stiff, lightweight and highly damped loudspeaker cones. This new and very hard material allows for loudspeaker drivers with a wider bandwidth, lower distortion and a purer sound than ever before.

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