04. January 2012


Right at the beginning of 2012, Accuton proudly presents a new generation of loudspeaker drivers.

In the history of loudspeaker drivers, only minor modifications to the traditional speaker construction have been brought to the market. Our proprietary driver concept shows revolutionary features that will bring new life to the world of high-end audio.

Our new driver series will be promoted as CELL concept drivers, characterized by the following main features:

* Same acoustic center for tweeters and midranges for time coherency in a flat front

* Perfect signal settle and piston behavior of the dome even close to the dome resonance

* Acoustically decoupled clamping mechanism providing fast and easy assembly into a circular hole

* Small outer diameter

* Very low distortion - in the magnitude of electronic devices - even at high power levels

* Steady decay of higher order harmonics

* High bandwith

For more information about the available CELL concept drivers, follow the links below:




New diamond dome tweeters BD25-6-258 and BD30-6-458 will be available soon. Please check our website frequently for new information.

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