BD 90-6-727

The BD90-6-727 is a 5 inch midrange driver with diamond dome.
Similiar to our C90-6-724, the new design facilitates an ideal acoustical center identical to our CELL tweeters and bass drivers. The innovative construction provides ideal conditions for layouting the spider and magnetic system, and in combination with the unique 20 carat diamond dome, it ensures the lowest distortion rates that we have ever achieved.
The magnetic system which delivers 1.8 Tesla does not cover the rear of the dome, eliminating reflections and energy storage. The proprietary CELL-clamping technology enables easy assembly and adjustment for various front panel designs.
Your individual logo can be applied to the milled basket upon request.
We recommend our BD90-6-727 for an application from 200 Hz – 10000 Hz.

BD90-6-727 Product Page

Our diamond speakers are only sold to loudspeaker producers

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