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Since 1994 the Thiel & Partner GmbH is developing, designing, producing and distributing under the registred trademark accuton® high quality loudspeaker made of stiff membrane materials like ceramics, diamond and aluminium sandwich.

Since 1994 the Thiel & Partner GmbH is developing, designing, producing and distributing under the registred trademark accuton® high quality loudspeakers made of stiff membrane materials like ceramics, diamond and aluminium sandwich. It is our declared aim to be the provider of the constractional and phonetical best dynamic speaker drivers on the market. We also provide our customers an extensive support and collaboration in areas like case construction, design of the crossover and implemantation of electronic components.


To achieve that goal, we have set ourselves ambitious targets regarding customer, supplier and employee orientation and defined or summarizez them as follows. 

Our customers are manufacturing the best and premium quality speakers on the High-End market. To support them as good as possible we do not only provide them the best drivers, we also offer a close cooperation concerning technical features and visual and haptic designs of their products.

To meet our objectives mentioned above concerning customer orientation, we have selected the best suppliers on the market. We are working together in a long-term and partnership-oriented manner in order to be able to offer technically and economically outstanding solutions for the benefit of our customers.

All of our employees are committed to our high quality objectives and work constructively on their realisation. We communicate the corporate policy of Thiel & Partner GmbH to our employees transparently and clearly and make the importance of customer and supplier orientation visible by putting our values into practice. Furthermore, we organize annual employee meetings, in which the development opportunities are also discussed. Continuous further training in organizational, economic and technical terms is the prerequisite for the company success. Efficient work organization, error prevention and monitoring of our own performance are parts of the key building blocks of our quality management in our daily work. We reward constructive suggestions for product improvement and the simplification of work processes through a bonus system and a corresponding expansion of the area of ​​responsibility. The mutual collaboration is supported by motivation, team spirit and constructive attitude. As we do with our customers and suppliers we deal with our employees in a friendly manner and work colleagially with each other. We attach importance to social competence, expertise and professional appearance. It is the task of the management to demonstrate these corporate and quality goals, to make them known and to guarantee their implementation and further development.

The Beginning of the Thiel & Partner GmbH

In the year 1984 the Backes & Müller production-engineer Bernhard Thiel invented a process to produce very thin sheets of extremely hard corundum (Al2O3), also known as saphire. This patented procedure allowed the manufacturing of very stiff, light weighted and highly damped loudspeaker calottes. This new and very hard material facilitates loudspeaker drivers with broader bandwith, lower distortion and a purer sound than ever before possible.

At first, these ceramic drivers were produced exclusively for new Backes & Müller products, but a few years later Bernhard Thiel stepped out of B&M and founded his own company, the original Thiel GmbH in Homburg, Germany. His loudspeaker units - only tweeters and midranges at this time - were distributed quickly in the audiophile world and gained a very high reputation for their sonic virtues. Very soon, these drivers were used in many of the - top of the line - high end loudspeaker boxes of today’s world.

Backes & Müller, still being the main customer for Bernhard Thiel, went out of business in the year 1992. This - of course - presented some major problems for the young Thiel GmbH. So Bernhard Thiel started looking for a partner to take care of the economical side of business. This partner was found in Adrian Bankewitz, at this time european distributor of Accuton products and long time friend of Bernhard Thiel. He bought the assets of the old Thiel GmbH and put together the production and distribution channels and the new Thiel & Partner GmbH of today was born. Since those early days, accuton has experienced a continuous growth and expansion.

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