We always continue to work on new opportunities and innovations to keep your products not only in terms of loudspeaker technology, but also in the digital domain to the latest state-of-the-art.



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The new Accuton DSP - board (DSP 192-4-111) is the first product of electronic aids  we want to offer those of our customers, who are constructing active speakers or want to upgrade their existing boxes with an option to activate.

The DSP receives analog and digital signals up to 24 bit / 192 kHz and can manage 2 x 2 channels for stereo  or 1 x 4 channels in mono operation. Multiple boards can be cascaded. Internally, the DSP works with 24-bit / 192 kHz and therefore it can manage time-delays of 1 sample = 1.78 mm, which is an acceptably small value for a high-end speaker and has not been achieved so far.

We offer an additional plug-in board, which allows to connect up to 3 DSP modules together. The number of channels can thus be extended to 1 x 12 (mono mode) or 2 x 6 (stereo mode). The plug-in board includes an S/PDIF input with loop-through function, an interface with master and slave function, and an input selection switch (digital / analog).

We will develop more components in this model range, such as amplifiers and radio Transmitters, that keep your products not only in terms of loudspeaker technology, but also in the digital domain to the latest state-of-the-art.

Mechanical Data

Specification   Value Unit
Overall size   120 x 65 mm
Mounting Hole DIameter   3 mm
Maximum Frontplate Thickness   2 mm
Overall Height   30 mm
Encoder Axis Diameter   6 mm
PC Connectors   RJ45-Ethernet (Amphenol)  
Input Connectors   2 x XLR /Neutrik)  
Output Connectors(J4)   2-Row 40 Way Header, 2.54  
Shipping Weight   0.4 Kg
SHipping Box Size   160/100/60 mm


Specification   Value EUnit
SNR @ -60 dB, 1 Khz A-Weighted (Output)   119 dBA
Thd + N @ -10 dBFS, 1 kHZ   -104 dB
Output Impedance Max.   50 Ohm
Outputlevel Max.   +13.6 dBU
SNR @ -60 dB, 1 kHZ A-Weighted (Analogue Input)   123 dBA
THD + N @ +5.7 dBU, 1 kHZ (Analogue Input)   -96 dB
Input Impedance ( Analogue Input)   30k Ohm
InputLevel Max.   +16 dBU
Digitalsupply   +6.5 ... +9.5 (500 mA) V
Analogsupply   +/-15 (100 mA) V
Frequency response (-3 dB)   5 - 80.000 Hz


Specification   Value Unit
Samplerate (Selectable by Audiostream Masterclock)   88.2 - 192 kHZ
Resolution, Processing, alogorithm   40-bit floating point bit
FilterTypes   HP, LP, BP, LoShelf, HiShelf, Notch  
FilterSlopes   6 - 48 dB/Oct.
Equilization   10-Band-Input
Output Settings   Delay, Gain, Phase, Mute  
Delay Settings   MS, Distance, Sample, (5.2 µs @ 192 kHZ)  
Audiostream Masterclock Options   Onboard / High-end CLockmodul  
D/A & A/D converters   AK4413, AKM5388  



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