High-End PRODUcts 

Driver systems mit diamond, ceramic and sandwich membranes, cables and aktive elektronics for the best high-end audio systems in the world.
Custom individual and exclusive solutions in the OEM sector.

Driver Systems

The core business of Thiel & Partner GmbH is the production of high quality speaker drivers with hard membranes made of diamond, corundum ceramics and aluminum sandwich .

Within the last 20 years we acquired a technological lead in producing speaker drivers and are now in the pole position of beeing a global provider of high-end audio systems for Home and Car Stereo with a double-digit sales growth every year. For special requirements we also design and constuct individual and customized systems.


We always continue to work on new opportunities and innovations to keep your products not only in terms of loudspeaker technology, but also in the digital domain to the latest state-of-the-art.

The new Accuton DSP - board (DSP 192-4-111) is the first product of a series of electronic aids  we want to offer those of our customers, who are constructing active speakers or want to upgrade their existing boxes with an option to activate.


OEM COmponents

We already offer to small quantities custom-made solutions for your unique project.

We advise and support you right from the first designing to the production of your desired speaker and realize the technical features you expect.

For individual developments please contact us without any obligation via email.

OEM Components


"Which cable should we better use for the internal wiring of our loudspeakers?"

Um diese Frage kompetent beantworten zu können, haben wir uns intensiv mit der Konstruktion von Lautsprecherkabeln beschäftigt. Die Lösung haben wir unter Berücksichtigung des Leitermaterials, dessen Querschnitts, des Dielektrikums, des Aufbaus und der Handhabung gefunden.


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