HighEnd Soundsystem in the New Bugatti Chiron

Each of the nine driver systems built into the Bugatti Chiron has been specially developed with unique features to satisfy the exceptional conditions of a super sports car and live up to our own quality standards. 

Our goal was to achieve a high level of integration with an almost invisible system of which only the diamond tweeter is visible. 

Tweeters with 1 carat Diamond-Membrane

The tweeter in the front area of the car is fitted with a 30 mm diamond membrane. The diamond is the hardest substance on earth.  It transmits the driver's acceleration almost entirely undistorted in an exact soundwave.

The drive system provides more than 2 Tesla field strength and a vented titanium voice coil for highest acceleration and low damping.

The result is 95dB sound pressure at 1 Watt input power, extremely low distorsion values of 0.1% as well as an extensive frequency range upwards of 50.000 Hz. 



The bass-/midrange drivers are built in behind perforated leather to achieve an integration as inconspicuous and untechnical in appearance as possible.
The transmission quality of standard bass-/midrange drivers is insufficient for this purpose due to the high sound absorbing quality of leather in the higher midtone area.
In order to realise an implementation behind leather whilst  maintaining a high standard of transmission, we developed a driver with 2 membrane zones and a powerful Neodym-underhung magnet system.

The small membrane irradiates perforated leather  > 1000 Hz with low bundling.
The large membrane irradiates perforated leather  < 1000 Hz

The result: A visually inconspicious integration with high-quality transmission.


In the Chiron's rear system, we have two further tweeters with 30mm diamond membranes and one bass-/midrange ceramic membrane. 

This is built in under the interior trim and entirely invisible. The bass-/midrange membrane sound is transmitted through the tweeter sound outlets.

Tweeters and bass-/midrange drivers are controlled by a patented DSP model so that a virtual extension of the soundstage is achieved.

The virtual stage within the car is relocated slightly further back to achieve optimal voice transmission quality via telephone and navigation systems even at top speed.


Long Stroke Compound-Woofer with Powermatch

Two bass drivers are invisibly integrated in the rear of the Chiron which, due to the  limited space available possess further special features. The membranes consist of an extremely hard aluminium-sandwich composite.
They are driven by a 4-layered  dual-voicecoil, whose rectangular wire is wrapped on a holder of strong Titanium.

The magnet system makes an almost linear driving force over a stroke of +/- 12 mm possible.

A complex adaption of the impedance („Powermatch“) enables the system to achieve a significantly higher performance than conventional systems. 

The compound placement results in a force compensation, so that any resonating effect on the surrounding car trim is reduced. 
Sound is transmitted into the car interior indirectly through channels, enabling an invisible bass system.

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